Windshield Repair Kits


A compound (usually resin) in a tube that seals a chip, star, or cracks.

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Windshield repair kits are often very simple: a compound (usually resin) in a tube that seals a chip, star or crack. In some cases, epoxy and resin must be mixed into this compound, but the easiest-to-use DIY kits do this for you. There are also applicators and positioning tools involved, and in some cases, professional-grade kits may provide additional tools and sealants for other areas, such as silicone sealant for installing an entire windshield.

While some kits offer the ability to seal and stabilize small cracks (as large as 12 inches, which isn’t exactly “small”, our rankings focus primarily on easy-to-use kits for repairing stone chips, bullseyes, and star fractures. We’ve also included some heavier-duty kits here, but the way we rank them is the same.

Through direct testing and research, we evaluate all windshield repair kits based on these weighted metrics:

Price (40%)
Demonstrated ability to seal a chip under 0.5 inches in diameter (15%)
Ability to seal larger chips or cracks (10%)
Manufacturer Reputation (10%)
Quality of resin or application tools (10%)
Ease of use and clarity of instructions (10%)
Overall value (5%)